Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions (Bonus)

I’ve really enjoyed this series of showing parents various techniques for helping their children manage intense emotions. Have you? For the past 5 weeks, we’ve covered how to manage negative intense emotions. But what about the positive intense emotions our children experience? I thought it would be a great idea to focus on this topic […]

Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions (Part V)

How have you enjoyed this series in helping your child (and yourself) manage intense emotions? I hope you enjoyed these useful tips. Today, I want to round out our discussion with my fifth and final tip. I want to introduce you to a new tool. It’s called the Wheel of Choice*. In this video, I […]

Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions – Part IV

Today, I want to share a revolutionary concept that is most frequently used in households across the world. You probably use it with your children. Do you know what it is? It’s time out. In this session, I will explain how this time out is not your average time out. Thanks to Jane Nelsen, I’ll […]

Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions – Part III

I have something wonderful to share with you. This week, I’m bringing you my real life experience with intense emotion, on location. The Swiss Alps make a majestic appearance in my video blog (and so does my thumb, lol). In this edition of Peaceful Works, Peaceful Words, I reveal how I used the techniques of […]

Manage Intense Emotions – Part II – Flipping Your Lid & Your Kids

How many times have you heard of the saying “s/he flipped her/his lid”? I know I’ve heard it several times growing up. It was a phrase often used when a person lost control or become irate or angry. But, where did this term come from? What does this term really mean? Why does two ‘flipped […]

Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions

As adults, we are faced with various situations throughout the day that challenges our range of emotions. At the end of a very emotionally exhausting day, we are often left feeling overwhelmed from the emotional workout we experienced. Now, imagine how you child must feel. The exposure of a complex situation, confrontation or experience can […]

Curiosity Questioning and Your Children (part 4)

Finding your voice within the family and being able to communicate effectively with parents is quite challenging. It is just as challenging, if not more so, for parents to communicate with teenage children. However, you can lessen the anxiety and frustration by incorporating curiosity questioning into your dialogue with your teenagers. But, what does that […]

Curiosity Questioning and Your Children (part 3)

Getting on the same page with your child can be quite a challenge. Why is that? Could it be the tone in our voices? Or could it be the language that we use? Curiosity questioning can help us, as parents, communicate more effectively with our children regardless of their ages. For the past two weeks, […]

Curiosity Questioning and Your Children (part 2)

Last week, I really enjoyed explaining what curiosity questioning is and why it is necessary in the development of your child. Did you enjoy the suggestions? Which ones did you implement? This week, I will be focusing on 3 important aspects of curiosity questioning. They are: How can curiosity questioning help your child(ren) learn from […]

Curiosity Questioning and Your Children

Have you ever wondered how you can teach your child inner discipline? Or how to get your child to consider the consequences of their actions? Curiosity questions(ing) may be the answer. In this week’s PeaceWorks video blog we will discuss how this line of reasoning or questioning can help you encourage your child to visualize […]