Welcome to 2016!

    I’m overjoyed and excited to welcome you to 2016. We have made it another year. There are many things I have in store for you and me this year. You will see more video messages, blog, programs, events and more. All of this in honest efforts to help you in your journey to […]

My Child Just Doesn’t Listen!

One of the most common complaints of parents, and one of the most frequent wishes expressed in our workshops, is:  “How can I get my kids to listen?” The big clue here is the listening. Who is not listening to whom? The question begs the answer, namely that we parents often have not modeled listening. […]

Interview on Parenting without the Power Struggle

2016 has been an eventful year, wouldn’t you agree? There have been many highlights that have happened that made me want to reflect and show gratitude for the great things that I have experienced. In my reflection over the past year, I thought of an amazing interview that I had for the Amazing Relationships Podcast […]

Gratitude is Everywhere

What are you and your family grateful for? That seems to have been the question of the season. Sometimes to answer the question, we look within (life, health, strength, etc). And other times, we look at our surroundings (creation, family, friends, job, etc.) to pull inspiration for reflection. Normally, such reflection can be easy to […]

Gratitude – How Can You Teach It?

Do I need to feel gratitude first and then express it or the other way round? Last week New York Time columnist Arthur C. Brooks addressed the chicken or egg conundrum about gratitude and found studies which strongly suggest that we can cultivate gratitude. (Read his article here) A kind of “fake it till you […]

Understanding the Cycle of Your Child’s Behavior

Last week, we took a look inside the belief behind a child’s behavior. I explained how a child can interpret the outcome of one incident and trigger an undesirable behavior. This week we will examine how this process works inside a child’s mind and ultimately affects their behavior Let’s look at an example of this […]