6 Ways To Make This School Year Less Crazy

So school has started and things seem crazier than ever. The transition from summer vacation/break to the regular school schedule can be stressful for you and your children. How can you make this period of transition less stressful and crazy? Here are 6 ways you can make the adjustment easier for you and your children. […]

School is Starting! Yay or Yuck?

For most children, starting school for the first time and even going back to school after the summer holidays is a big deal. We adults can recall or imagine starting a new job, a new training or any number of new situations. Many adults find new situations quite challenging and develop strategies over the years […]

Rather than say NO

Rather than say NO, which cuts something off, you can say YES and then find some way to do something.” Merce Cunningham I love considering this quote in the context of raising children, especially pre-schoolers. I invite all parents to simply observe themselves during an average day and try to count all the times they […]

Discouraged Child Part II

Last week I introduced to you the Positive Discipline psychology which features countless models outlining basic human needs. Dr. Alfred Adler distilled these down to four for children. Now, I will concentrate on the first one: Belonging and Significance. In our live workshops, we demonstrate this with a drawing of a tree. A healthy tree […]

Discouraged Child Part I

The approach to parenting which we teach from Positive Discipline was developed primarily by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott. Jane and Lynn, who trained us, were inspired by the visionary work of Dr. Alfred Adler to create a program accessible to anyone, not just professionals in psychology and education, which would foster a more effective and respectful way of being with children […]

Got your parenting map handy – Part II

Even if you did not post your list of irritations and wishes for your children this last week, I will share with you how Steps I and II from last week’s post can create your parenting map. Eventually you will want to do Steps I and II for yourself so you can have your family’s […]

Got your parenting map handy?

In the school where I worked for 18 years, we took two long backpacking trips a year, four days in the fall and six days out in the spring, and that with 12 – 14 teenagers. I pored over maps and planned the days minutely, allowing room for injuries and wrong turns, because however carefully […]

Wednesday Walks

How my baby screamed at me to awaken my mother’s intuition Our younger son slept for the first two weeks and then the dam broke and he cried and cried and cried some more. Unlike his older brother, this one feared falling asleep, being put down, being away from me. I was a family therapist […]

Wednesday Words

I finally get to talk with you more often. I just had my website revamped so I could have a blog because there is so much I’d love to share with you and well, a blog is the easiest way to do so. But before I carry on doing all the talking here, I’d love […]