Manage Intense Emotions – Part II – Flipping Your Lid & Your Kids


How many times have you heard of the saying “s/he flipped her/his lid”? I know I’ve heard it several times growing up. It was a phrase often used when a person lost control or become irate or angry.

But, where did this term come from? What does this term really mean? Why does two ‘flipped lids’ not work? What’s the science behind it all? This and more will be addressed in this week’s video blog.

Below, let me know what points did you enjoy. You can also post on PeaceWorks Coaching Facebook page.


*Brain in Palm of Hand from Daniel Siegel
*Positive Discipline techniques from Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott, and others


    • Khennessy says


      I’m glad that you enjoyed this episode and that it was clear for everyone to understand. This could have been a topic that was difficult to understand and correct. I’m so happy that it didn’t take that turn. I hope you enjoy my future posts as well.

      ~ Kathleen

  1. Anna says

    I love this Kathleen! This is so true, I have observed this repeatedly. Everything you post feels so right on for me!

    • Khennessy says


      That just made my heart melt. I’m glad that you are enjoying my video blogs. I want to provide you and other parents quality content that will improve the quality of your life, as a parent, and that of your child’s. I hope you enjoy more future posts and they resonate with you as well.

      ~ Kathleen


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