Group Parenting Course

Course Begin: 1 July 2015

PeaceWorks Coaching’s First 30-day Group Course

30 Days to Peaceful Ways:
from Tantrums and Tears to Hugs and Giggles


For parents who want a change in the scenes at home NOW, this is your quick start to new understandings and tools for parenting the way you really want to. NO more yelling, time-outs or things you swore you’d never say.

Parenting according to your values for peaceful, positive, mindful, and respectful relationships with your children, and wanting discipline for the sake of healthy young people, can feel lonely at times. You hear other parents talking about time-outs, grounding (teens), taking away privileges and other approaches you simply do not feel comfortable with. You are convinced there must be another way more consistent with what you believe.

This course does not only teach these skills but also fosters community with other like-minded parents, so you do not have to feel alone. Parenting is too daunting to face alone. So do yourself and your children a favor and join us. From the privacy, comfort and convenience of whatever works for you.


This course includes:

  • 4 1.5-hour group coaching calls (Value: $800) exclusively for members of this group (Wednesdays at 1pm EDT/10am PDT)
  • Unlimited access to content material: hand-outs, tips, videos
  • Active use of the private Facebook group for members of this course
  • Weekly Q&A in which you post questions in the Facebook group and I respond
  • Special price on 1:1 coaching with me

 247.00 USD/CHF