Light in the Darkness


It almost seems that it’s not quite PC (politically correct) to admit this, but I love Christmas. I really do. I love the dark days which have just begun to lengthen, the cold, the drinks, cookies and cakes. I love the music, the decorations, the smells, the smiles, and the same old meals. Why? It’s a tradition we’ve had for years. All of it. I like keeping a list of gift ideas for my husband and sons and keeping the secret about the gift I’m so excited about. Somehow my family did convey this to me and I have carried on in this tradition.

And yet, I am well aware that it is not like this for everyone, that many people almost dread these holidays. Many feel they have to pretend to enjoy themselves while they grit their teeth through family gatherings because there are unspoken but palpable tensions which contrast with the images of carols being sung of glory, joy and other seemingly unattainable heights. It is also a season in which I hold many people in my heart and wish them peace in its deepest sense.

And then there’s the aspect of consumerism. Don’t even get me started.

Family Meetings can once again be helpful in creating the family experience you all want for Christmas. Each family member can say what is important to him or her and the family can reach agreements on how they want to celebrate this holiday.

Ultimately, Christmas, regardless of your beliefs, celebrates the birth of light. It’s the birth of great beings (that feeling one has when one’s baby is born) whose potential burns in the intensity of love, responsibility, and protectiveness this tiny person evokes. The grand potential of each of us, of living a conscious and loving life. What a world this season could usher in every year. And this year is another opportunity to create that world with your family for these few precious days, to regard each of them and yourself as a profound gift and to feel truly and deeply grateful.


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