Sibling Fighting (Bonus)


Can you believe it? It’s June already! Half of 2016 is almost over. Now, it’s time for the summer break. School is out, the kids are home and tension will be on the rise. Now more than before, sibling fighting will be more of an everyday occurrence.

This week I wanted to share with you 2 bonus videos that I think you may enjoy. The first video will allow you look at sibling fighting from the child’s perspective. Normally, when children (or adults for that matter) fight or disagree, it’s rarely about a specific thing. Often, there is an underline issue and for one reason or another, the siblings are not able to communicate their true feelings. See how these 2 brothers “fight” and if it strikes a cord in your own family dynamics. (

In the next video, I want to share some additional tips from another amazing parent coach and EvolvED organization founder, Fathima Khader. I’m sure that you will love the examples and insight that she will bring to this conversation. (

I hope you enjoy these 2 bonus videos. Remember to leave your comments and/or questions below or on my Facebook page.

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Happy Parenting!



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