Sibling Fighting (Part V)


Have you ever had this happen? You are in the kitchen cooking a meal, relaxing or tending to a household chore and then a heated argument breaks out. There’s screaming and yelling. “No, it’s mine!” “Stop it!” “Don’t touch me!” “Leave me alone!” “Get out!”

You let them try and defuse the situation themselves. But, it goes on and on and on. Your patience is growing thin. Maybe there are other children, friends of your children, there and they get involved. “She started it!” “Mickey, stop!” “MOM!”

What do you do?

This week, I will share with you 2 new tips you can use to defuse the situation and hit the reset button. I’m sure you are going to love this cool new approaches to resolving sibling fighting.

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Happy Parenting!

Source: Positive Discipline A-Z: 1001 Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems (Positive Discipline Library) by Jane Nelsen

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