Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions – Part III

I have something wonderful to share with you. This week, I’m bringing you my real life experience with intense emotion, on location. The Swiss Alps make a majestic appearance in my video blog (and so does my thumb, lol). In this edition of Peaceful Works, Peaceful Words, I reveal how I used the techniques of […]

Manage Intense Emotions – Part II – Flipping Your Lid & Your Kids

How many times have you heard of the saying “s/he flipped her/his lid”? I know I’ve heard it several times growing up. It was a phrase often used when a person lost control or become irate or angry. But, where did this term come from? What does this term really mean? Why does two ‘flipped […]

Curiosity Questioning and Your Children

Have you ever wondered how you can teach your child inner discipline? Or how to get your child to consider the consequences of their actions? Curiosity questions(ing) may be the answer. In this week’s PeaceWorks video blog we will discuss how this line of reasoning or questioning can help you encourage your child to visualize […]