Sibling Fighting (Part V)

Have you ever had this happen? You are in the kitchen cooking a meal, relaxing or tending to a household chore and then a heated argument breaks out. There’s screaming and yelling. “No, it’s mine!” “Stop it!” “Don’t touch me!” “Leave me alone!” “Get out!” You let them try and defuse the situation themselves. But, […]

Sibling Fighting (Part II)

I’m sure most of us, if not all of us, have been here. You hear your children fussing and arguing over a toy or activity. The voices get louder and louder. Then, you hear a “smack” and then a child cries or yells in pain and disbelief. What do you do then? How do you […]

Parenting with Mindfulness (Part 1)

Welcome parents to April! Isn’t it beautiful to see the signs of Spring popping up everywhere? You can see the leaves growing on trees, the sun shines brighter and the flowers begin to blossom. Since nature is bringing new life to the forefront, I decided to bring a new parenting topic to the fore as […]

Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions (Bonus)

I’ve really enjoyed this series of showing parents various techniques for helping their children manage intense emotions. Have you? For the past 5 weeks, we’ve covered how to manage negative intense emotions. But what about the positive intense emotions our children experience? I thought it would be a great idea to focus on this topic […]

Manage Intense Emotions – Part II – Flipping Your Lid & Your Kids

How many times have you heard of the saying “s/he flipped her/his lid”? I know I’ve heard it several times growing up. It was a phrase often used when a person lost control or become irate or angry. But, where did this term come from? What does this term really mean? Why does two ‘flipped […]

Help Your Child Manage Intense Emotions

As adults, we are faced with various situations throughout the day that challenges our range of emotions. At the end of a very emotionally exhausting day, we are often left feeling overwhelmed from the emotional workout we experienced. Now, imagine how you child must feel. The exposure of a complex situation, confrontation or experience can […]

Understanding the Cycle of Your Child’s Behavior

Last week, we took a look inside the belief behind a child’s behavior. I explained how a child can interpret the outcome of one incident and trigger an undesirable behavior. This week we will examine how this process works inside a child’s mind and ultimately affects their behavior Let’s look at an example of this […]

4 Basic Needs of Your Children Part 2

Last week, I shared with you the four basic needs of your children. Do you remember them? Here’s a quick refresher. They are: sense of belonging and significance, perceptions of capability, personal power and autonomy and social and life skills. For our discussion, we focused on the first – the need for a sense of […]


A key aspect to understanding discouragement vs. encouragement is in understanding how children potentially understand what is happening. We like to say that children are amazingly keen observers but terrible interpreters of what they observe. Why? Simply because they do not have the life experience yet to provide a context for understanding all that they […]