• “I was impressed by the way the group worked together to discuss situations and look for solutions.”

  • “I found it enriching to be with other parents, and together to consider what kind of relationships I am creating with my children.”

  • “The course showed me possibilities for how I can encourage and strengthen my children instead of telling them what to do all the time.”

  • “The Positive Discipline course was convincing for me in many respects. So were: – the very capable, attentive and spontaneous couple who taught the course, – the many activities such as acting out typical family scenarios, though which I could really feel the effects on a child of what parents say, and – last but not least, the great interaction among us participants that developed out of the course’s good atmosphere.”

  • I could just kiss you guys! The tip about “just saying no” has almost completely changed the dynamic between my six-year-old son and me. I think my husband is noticing too, though he has a tougher time with it. I see the relief in our son’s energy to not have to make a choice about how he is going to navigate around my “no”. It completely disarms him without confusing or shaming him and prevents the escalation that had become inevitable. It also makes it so much easier for me to keep it simple and not feel like I have to explain, rationalize, apologize for or offer an alternative for my “no”. It helps me stay grounded and non-stressed. It seemed counter-intuitive at first, but now makes total sense. I got a lot from your class, but that simple “no” lesson has made so much difference already.

    Grateful Mom