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With your family for your family. WE got this.

Are you a conscious loving parent concerned about your anxious teen or tween?

If your child is more fearful than confident
...has more tears than giggles,
...more shouts than hugs,
...more anxiety than calm

You’re worried.
You really want someone who gets you and your unique kid.

I’m Kathleen Hennessy and I’ve combined my 30 years of experience working with families into a program I call PeaceWorks Coaching. I blend mindfulness and body-based practices with practical steps and action to balance a conscious mindful approach with concrete practical solutions. (Learn more about me here.)

*All services available in German and English!! Meiringen, Interlaken, and Lucerne

With the parenting training I realized that many standard old methods of parenting don’t work without hurting the child’s feelings or shaming and humiliating. That, on the other hand, healthy parenting can solve many problems or even prevent the problems from arising in the first place.

We very much like the changes we have noticed in our family! We are all calmer and therefore much happier. We parents take things that come up with much more ease and humor, and the children as a result somehow are more considerate of us and our wishes.

The effects of our change in parenting shows itself now. In spite of it being a stressful time, things at home are running smoothly, harmoniously. Of course, there are exceptions but those don’t even really bother us anymore!

Julia H.

The parent training course in Positive Discipline with Kathleen was simply great. Every day I benefit from the treasures that were revealed to us. It gives me a good feeling to positively support my children in their development. Of course, old patterns come to light again and again, especially when I’m too tired and tense. Every evening we do a round with our three-year-old daughter “What did you like and what did you not like?” I experience that as particularly valuable. We can then talk about our feelings in a very quiet moment. Then it is nice and cozy and the day comes to a peaceful end.

I allow myself to be less strict and let more humor flow into everyday life. I do not have to be a strict mother to be a good mother. This corresponds much more to my fundamental maternal instinct. We have a Family Meeting every Sunday after breakfast. The “Appreciations Round ” is the absolute highlight. The compliments do us all good…

Renate E.

It was good to feel for myself how my behavior affects my children. The basic values ​​which form the basis of the course, corresponded with my heart attitude. Habitual behavior is not easy to change. Positive Discipline with Kathleen offers good tools. The course answers the question “How?” (when I realize that I am always in the same place) Kathleen teaches caring, appreciation, and mindfulness towards children AND parents.

Alice L.

With PeaceWorks Coaching you will:

Transform anxiety and trauma to laughter and creativity!
Move from fear and panic to trust and courage!
Discover the light and joy in your family again!

These are the steps to get started.

Step 1:

Download my free report “3 Steps to Less Stress with Teens” and begin to implement simple ways to reduce stress at home. These steps go a long way to improving things in your home quickly.

Step 2:

Contact me to schedule your complimentary “Stress Less Family Assessment” where we will connect to review your 3 Steps document together, assess what’s going on in your family, and create a plan for how to reduce stress and increase love, joy, creativity and laughter!

Step 3:

While you are waiting for our call, you can implement the 3 Steps above and also read our blog for inspiration on how to improve your family life today.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”
Marianne Williamson