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Meet Kathleen

I’m Kathleen Hennessy and I’ve combined my 30 years of experience working with families into a program I call PeaceWorks Coaching. I blend mindfulness and body-based practices with practical steps and action to balance a conscious mindful approach with concrete practical solutions.

As a Parent Educator, I carry a torch for a peaceful world through peace in families. I aim to spread this light by sharing my vision of healing through parenting with deep listening, respectful discipline, and mindfulness.

I guide stressed and frustrated parents to establish a loving, laughing, learning family life with PeaceWorks Parenting, a heart-and-soul mindfulness-based approach to parenting which fosters cooperation, self-responsibility and h6 confidence.

My popular workshops, talks, and 1:1 coaching have transformed the lives of 100s of families since 1983. I draw upon a wealth of experience in family counseling and progressive education to support families to find the approach that best suits their unique needs and values. I truly love my work and that is why I am now going online to share with more people.


You get the benefit of my years of transformative work and study and passionate engagement in:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW
Somatic Experiencing™ Trauma Healing

Resolves the effects of the trauma appear here and now in the body, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions of the client.

Kollibri Coaching™(a form of EMDR)

Old patterns and imprinting are released to make way for the gentle programming of new ones

Mindful-Based Stress Reduction for Teens™
Positive Discipline™ Parenting
Mindfulness Coaching
Systems Family Therapy
Theme-Centered Interaction™
Non-Violent Communication™
Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional – Child & Adolescent (CCATP-CA) (in training)

I draw on all of these to create a concoction uniquely suited to your family and your teen. With mindful intuition I guide you in choosing the best fit for you.

When you feel ready to take the next step, please complete [my assessment form] and send it to me. Then we’ll find a time to chat.


“I had forgotten how much light there is in the world, till you gave it back to me.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea