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Going your own way as a conscious parent can be lonely at times. You can grow weary of smiling politely while someone tells you about the latest privilege they took from their kids which was “working great,” or complaining about how stressful their lives are with the kids, hearing how others talk to their children or how they intervene in conflicts… yet you too want to have disciplined and well-behaved children. And you keep thinking there must be a way to do this that is aligned with your values.
I get that because that’s how it was for my husband and me. So we developed PeaceWorks Parenting together to serve those parents seeking another way.

HOW PeaceWorks Parenting Works:

PeaceWorks Coaching arose out of my long-cherished dream of a peaceful world. I believe that peace begins at home and that children raised peacefully will eventually create such a world. We are dedicated to supporting conscious parents and teachers to be able to meet children in a genuine heart-to-heart connection with respect, love and faith in all of our essential goodness and desire to learn and grow.
Not everyone loves working with teens the way I do. In over thirty years of working with teens, their families and teachers, I’ve become skilled at understanding quickly what is going on in your family. I’m a straight talker so we’ll get right down to it in an atmosphere of compassion and mindfulness. And we’ll do it all with humor. (I really love to laugh with teens and families).

Children who are raised with kindness, respect, and mindful presence are known to be:
  • Self-Confident
  • Eager learners
  • Conflict-solvers
  • Explorers and discoverers
  • Creatively adaptable
  • Resourceful
  • At ease with adults, friends and themselves
  • Disciplined & well-behaved
  • Connected to Self and others
PeaceWorks Parenting is NOT for every parent. It is ONLY for parents who
Want Their Children to:
  • become confident, competent and self-responsible, as well as respectful.
  • learn for the joy of it,
  • be motivated from the inside out
  • know that they deserve to be taken seriously, can identify and get their real needs met, and can be in relationship with others – family, friends, and adults.
For Parents who want to:
  • know their child in his or her true essence and guide and support that essence in developing to its full potential!
  • have well-behaved children without rewards and punishment (“consequences”)
  • experience joy, laughter, peace, and ease in the family
  • be someone their child confides in and seeks guidance from
  • remain calm in the heat of the moment
  • take responsibility for their own actions and trust their children to do the same

If you are one of these parents, we need to talk.

During our in person or skype family sessions:

We get to know each other a bit
We agree on a goal.
We craft a path.
We make a plan
We set action steps
There is homework.
You’ll learn a lot.
Mistakes will be made
It will be okay
Changes will occur
Light will begin to show through the cracks
Joy and peace will remind you of their presence in your life
Your self-confidence will grow.
Laughter will emerge.
You and your family will set off on your journey
We are all always reaching for the light. For connection. For peace. And yes, love. Even when it does not feel like that. What guides my work is an unshakeable belief in the resilience and unquenchable light of the human spirit and its extraordinary capacity for growth, healing, and transformation.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Download my free report 3 Steps to Less Stress with Teens” and begin to implement simple ways to reduce stress at home. These steps go a long way to improving things in your home quickly.

Step 2: Contact me to schedule your complimentary “Stress Less Family Assessment” where we will connect to review your 3 Steps document together, assess what’s going on in your family, and create a plan for how to reduce stress and increase love, joy, creativity and laughter!

Step 3: While you are waiting for our call, you can implement the 3 Steps above and also read our blog for inspiration on how to improve your family life today.

My gift to you: I see your essence and what you have to give, even when you are struggling. And I see that in your teen, as well. I will carry that awareness of who you all truly are until you are on the way to being able to see and live it for yourself.

*All services available in German and English!!
Meiringen, Interlaken, and Lucerne