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All services begin with a 30-Minute Complimentary Stress Less Family Assessment Session with Kathleen. In this brief encounter, we figure out what your main challenge is and first steps to meeting it and getting you some relief. I’ll be so happy to meet you and you’ll be glad you reached out. [learn more and apply here]


You’ve got a lot going on with family, work, relationship and (heaven forbid) some Me Time as well. And getting some support from someone outside of that maelstrom can be a huge relief right away. You and your situation are unique, so private coaching can meet your needs in a deeper and more personal way than a group can. Take some time for you. You can meet with your partner or just get started for yourself.


With PeaceWorks Coaching you will
  • Get to know what strengths you and your family have
  • Establish clear and realistic goals for you and/or your family
  • Introduce the fundamentals for a refreshing empowering way of parenting
  • Make an action plan for reaching those goals

Individually tailored to you and your family’s unique needs and goals.



If you ever…

  • Feel a bit out of sync with other parents with your own beliefs about children and parenting
  • Are looking for an approach that is aligned with your values
  • Aim to treat children with full respect
  • Want to avoid rewards and “consequences” (punishments)
  • Seek solutions
  • Want your children to have positive discipline…

…You have come to the right place!

In this interactive and fun workshop for parents, teachers and child care workers,
You will learn:

  • Why children and teens behave as they do
  • How some of what parents and teachers often do backfires
  • How to connect with your child’s essence to draw out his best self and best behavior
  • Methods that teach character and skills for life
  • 3 of the simplest tools for easing daily stress in the family and reducing nagging
  • A proven way to find solutions to (nearly) any family problem!


Through role plays and practical tips you will practice tools which are immediately applicable at home. You will receive a copy of the book Positive Discipline and additional handouts.. And there will be two follow-up coaching calls within three months after completion of the course to support you in working out kinks and keeping it going.