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Stress Less Family Assessment Consultation Application

This is the questionnaire I give my private clients before we begin work together to enhance our effectiveness. Below are questions that are designed not only to help me understand how to help you and your family, but also to assist you to clarify and articulate the strengths, challenges, and goals for your family right now. Before our scheduled session, I will ask you to send me your answers. When answering these questions, simply write to the best of your ability… even just a few words can really help!

1. What two or three characteristics would you name that describe your child’s essence (unique qualities or characteristics)?

2. What behaviors have you observed that concern you?
a. In your child?
b. In yourself and/or your co-parent?

3. What have you already tried and implemented that didn’t work, if any? (Briefly)

4. What have you already tried and implemented that was helpful, if any? (Briefly)

5. What are your individual strengths and gifts?  (List up to five)

6. What are your family’s strengths? (List up to five)

7. What dreams do you have of how you want your family to be?

To schedule your Stress Less Family Assessment Consultation, please provide your name and email below along your answers, and I will reply with my scheduling link.

5 + 11 =